Karen is a multi-disciplined designer with over 25 years experience. She enjoys and has worked across all areas of design, be it furniture, product, accessories or interior design. She loves working with many different types of materials from wood, leather, fabrics, china and glass. Where manufacturing allows she often likes to mix media. 

Karen has enjoyed a long career with Mulberry and Highgrove as well as designing for private clients and hotels around the world. Throughout all her designs she strives to design and produce beautiful, well constructed and fully functional products or spaces, always ensuring great attention to detail.

Over the years Karen has also undertaken a wide variety of interior project management roles from complete house and hotel refurbishments to shop refits and exhibition stands. More recently she has undertaken various space planning projects with both individuals and businesses to help them make the best of their environments. Helping to both de-clutter and make the spaces work in a more ergonomic way, as it has been shown that the way we live or work can have an effect on our mental health as well as productivity.

Karen loves to experiment with design and has always been interested in re-purposing elements be it pieces of architectural heritage, being built into a new building or made into furniture, often working alongside amazing crafts people. This ethos can also be seen in her range of bags using unusual elements found in antique markets to give them a quirky and unusual twist. Conversely she also loves new emerging materials and technologies and how the old and new can come together in contemporary design.

Having always been a maker Karen also designs and makes her own bags. Mainly they are handmade and hand stitched by her, using traditional skills and tools. Whilst all items are branded, she takes a very minimal approach and prefers the designs to speak for themselves. The majority of the bags are one-off for those who like to be individuals and subscribe to long lasting and 'slow' fashion ethos, where less is more! 

She is becoming increasingly interested in researching viable sustainable and recycled materials and collaborating with a variety of people and companies to design beautiful products in a more responsible and considered way.