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"I fell in love with one of Karen's bags the moment I saw it - it was a large black leather handbag with a unique feature, a door key detail and I thought it would be smart, distinct and perfect for work. It proved to be all that and I am still using the handbag to this day, some 3 years on. It is beautifully designed and made and I regularly receive compliments. I love having a truly unique handbag that no one else could possibly have."

"This is the best handbag I have ever had. It is exactly what I wanted.....chic, comfortable to use, light in weight and a perfect size. I have received numerous complimentary comments and enquiries as to where I got it!"

"Handbags designed and made by Karen to accommodate my nickel allergy have been a real godsend. The possibilities are endless with beautiful leather and fabric options, designed with clever techniques that cover the metal elements. Looking forward to my next purchase!"

“I love my handbag - it’s so stylish! It’s beautifully designed and made - and wherever I go it always looks great - it’s so chic!“ 

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