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Karen loves to work with all types of businesses to help develop new ideas/ designs, be it on all types of product development, interior design, project management. She is also able to offer an overview of product ranges and direction. She is happy to work on a freelance basis per project or on a longer term contract if required.

Over the years she has accrued a wide range of skills;

-Excellent hand drawing skills,

-Good observational and detailing skills,

-Extremely organised

-Good communicator with manufacturers, understanding manufacturing processes.

-Excellent project manager

-Good team working skills

-Interested in/experience of working with all types of materials

-Very practically minded, ergonomics /function equally as important as aesthetic design

-An eye for re-purposing architectural heritage into interiors or products

-Pattern cutting skills

-Hands on manufacturing experience

-Interested in all types of design from the contemporary to the traditional and also the combination of the two.

-Good Photoshop skills

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